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Kelly Frye & Rachel Walcott

"August Hotel's music features a depth typically unheard in the soundscape
of peers." — Chicago Tribune


Combining fresh, modern sensibilities  with the influence of ‘80s yesteryear, August Hotel has established itself as one of Chicago’s most energetic and insightful bands. Comprised of Jo Padilla (lead vocals), Ryan Lammers (guitar), Craig Schwartz Jr. (keyboards), Dean Sinclair (drums), and Cale Singleton (bass), August Hotel has been playing together since 2017, after Padilla sent a grainy smartphone video of themself singing to the rest of the band. Within a month, the band was in the studio working on their first EP, 2017’s Charms.


After an extensive schedule of live shows, the band took a step back to record new music, embracing their evolution and new experiences. More than two years later, August Hotel’s  second EP, Stations, has come together with four new songs that expand on the group’s ability to weave together each member’s specific musical background and influences. This EP examines different forms of loss—the end of a relationship, the sacrifice of a trans activist, the loss of personal control when struggling with mental health, and losing a guitar on the train—aiming to convey universal experiences via unique stories.


Lead single “Disaster & Delight” explores reconciliation after the end of a relationship through an infectious melody and cheeky – yet still sincere – lyrics. Stations’ accompanying titles strike various tones and moods: urgency, elevation, and melancholy. Produced by Drew Polovick of Friday Pilots Club, Stations exemplifies the band’s deep passion for the story telling qualities of their carefully crafted music. Constantly progressing as individuals and as a band to produce captivating and complex tunes, August Hotel is poised for a breakthrough.


Live, August Hotel has shared stages with the likes of The Academic, Urban Cone, Nightly, Vesperteen, Young Rising Sons, Twin XL, and Knox Hamilton, as well as headlined clubs around Chicago and the Midwest.


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